Document Storage

It’s easy to forget where you’ve stored your documents. Panic can ensue when you need to find copies of your wills, trust deeds or Lasting Power of Attorneys, resulting in chaos as you search frantically through your drawers and cupboards for these invaluable pieces of paper.

Take action now to prevent your wills, LPAs and other important paperwork from damage or loss. Contact Sovereign now to learn more about our document storage services.

Take advantage of our fireproof document storage service, and you’ll get:

Peace of mind that your documents will be kept safe and secure
Automatic protection from fire, flood or theft
Certificates to confirm your storage details and our contact details
Access to your wills and documents whenever you need it
Storage for under £30 per year – that’s 60p per week!

You could, of course, store your documents in a ‘safe’ place – perhaps even a locked filing cabinet, or a safe box. But doing so won’t necessarily stop them from getting into the wrong hands, succumbing to a fire or being picked up by thieves if you’re unlucky enough to be burgled.

The only way to ensure your wills and other important documents are completely safe is to store them in a third party facility that’s fireproof, waterproof and wholly secure.

Choose our secure document storage service, and you’ll be provided with instructions on how to access your paperwork when the time comes. You’ll also receive a unique reference number that can be used by your family, attorneys and executors to release these documents if needs be.

We can also store house deeds, passports, marriage certificates and birth certificates at your request.

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