Trust Planning

Manage your assets in a more straightforward, tax-efficient way by arranging for your greatest investments to be placed into trust.

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The benefits of using trusts at a glance:

Protect your property and other assets
Define who will receive the benefits from your estate
Reduce your inheritance tax bill
Reduce gift taxes
Distribute assets quickly and easily, avoiding probate
Support children or vulnerable adults who cannot manage their own money
Assign responsibility for your assets to someone else if you lose capacity

There are many different trusts available, all of which offer their own features and advantages. However, the key benefit of these kinds of legal arrangements is they lessen the amount of inheritance tax that will be due on your estate when you pass away. This is because everything that is placed within the trust will technically be owned by the Trustee – the person who will be responsible for ensuring the assets reach the right beneficiary or beneficiaries when the time comes.

Using a trust also means you can ensure your money or assets are used according to specific rules. For example, if you want to make sure your children are well looked after but you’re worried they won’t make the most of the money, you could ensure they don’t receive their inheritance with authorisation from the Trustee until they turn 21.   

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From choosing the right trustees to selecting the most appropriate vehicle for your assets, our trust planning specialists can take the hassle out of rearranging your financial affairs.

We can help you ring fence your wealth using basic trusts, interest in possession trusts, discretionary trusts, Tenants in Common arrangements, disability trusts and more.

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